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WinID is a dental computer system that matches missing persons to unidentified human remains. WinID makes use of dental and anthropometric characteristics to rank possible matches.
Information about restored dental surfaces, physical descriptors, and pathological and anthropologic findings can be entered into the WinID database. WinID stores data in a Microsoft Access Database. WinID and Access provide extensive data filtering and data sorting capabilities.
WinID is used by forensic dentists, forensic odontologists, pathologists, coroners, medical examiners, forensic anthropologists and those in the law enforcement and criminal justice systems to identify the unknown.
The user can easily switch between English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish language editions.
WinID has proved useful in mass disaster situations and in the creation and maintenance of missing person databases.
WinID runs on Windows systems. The program will display *.bmp, *.gif and *.jpg graphics.
Please fill out the form below to download your copy of WinID.

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c/o The Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc.

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