President’s Message – First Quarter

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president’s message

ABFO President Peter Loomis’s message:

President Peter Loomis

First Quarter Message:


It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as ABFO President for 2014. Many years ago,
during my first forensic meetings, so many ABFO members impressed me with their
integrity, intellect, knowledge and passion. I knew then that I wanted to become associated
with such an organization and was lucky enough to attain that goal. I thank all those that
encouraged and mentored me, whether they knew it at the time or not and I am humbled
to serve the President of the ABFO for 2014‐2015.


I thank Dr. Greg Golden, our immediate Past President for keeping us moving forward
during his tenure, the members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the
Standing and Ad Hoc Committee members for their invaluable contributions to the ABFO.


The loss of four of our members during the past year has been a sad burden to bear. The
passing of two of the founding members of the ABFO, Dr. Ed Woolridge and Dr. Jerry Vale
along with Dr. Bill Morlang and Dr. Sheila Dashkow will leave a gap in the ABFO that cannot
be filled. Each contributed significantly to the field of forensic odontology and their
presence is missed by all.


Dr. Paul Stimson was honored as Diplomate Emeritus of the ABFO. He has served this
organization with exemplary leadership in many capacities and his contributions to forensic
odontology are unparalleled. As an educator, odontology clinician, author of textbooks,
researcher, consultant and with the stellar service he has provided to the ABFO and ASFO,
this honor is well deserved. Congratulations Dr. Stimson!


The Haskell M. Pitluck Award was given to Ms. Candy Ross. Candy is the Director of Industry
and Professional Relations, Dental Technologies NA for the KaVo Kerr Group. She has been
an ardent supporter of the ABFO and forensic odontology for many years, providing
financial support and the technology of DEXIS digital dental radiography to the ABFO ID


The AAFS Odontology Section recognized two ABFO Diplomates with awards. Dr. Jim
McGivney was the recipient of the AAFS Odontology Section’s Lester Luntz award and Dr.
Bob Barsley received Reidar Sognnaes Award for Excellence in Forensic Dentistry. These
two gentlemen are more than worthy of these accolades and it is with deep gratitude for
their service and accomplishments that the ABFO salutes them as well.


We gained one new Diplomate from the examination process which culminated on 2/16.
Congratulations to Dr. Robin Scheper who was awarded certificate # 162.


With the retirement of seven Diplomates this past year the number of active Diplomates
now stands at 95. Drs. David Averill, Rodney Brown, Reed Holt, Harry Mincer, Gerald
Reynolds, David Sipes and Paul Stimson have been long standing Diplomates and I thank
them for their contributions and service to the ABFO for so many years.
The Dental Identification Workshop was conducted on Sunday 2/16 by Dr. Rick Cardoza and
his highly motivated and capable team of the ID Workshop Committee. 18 people
participated in this successful didactic and hands‐on workshop and comments from many of
the participants were superlative, in describing the organization, content and quality of it.


Next year we will meet in Orlando and are fortunate to have Dr. Jan Westberry and Dr. Ken
Cohrn handling the local arrangements. The ABFO will be offering the Bitemark Workshop
on 2/15/2015 and the Dental Age Estimation Workshop on 2/21/2015. Application for
enrollment and additional information on these workshops will be available
on 3/17/2014 at the ABFO and the ASFO websites. Along with these workshops, the Public
Relations Committee, spearheaded by Dr. Rick Cardoza, will conduct a one day, fast paced
seminar covering all aspects of forensic odontology. This introductory course on the subject
will be promoted to Florida dentists, hygienists and auxiliaries.


The Image Series IV Committee consisting of Dr. Paula Brumit and Dr. Jaqueline Reid has
been working very hard to complete a significant update and extensive changes to the
previous Image Series versions. The new version will have a different format and more
extensive target market and be downloadable from the ABFO website this summer.


Please remember that the Bitemark and Age Estimation Committees continue to seek cases
to include in their respective repositories. If you have a good adjudicated forensic case that
could be useful for potential test candidates to gain credit toward eligibility, please forward
it to the Chairperson of the respective committee. Dr. Adam Freeman is the Chairman of
the Bitemark Committee and Dr. Jim Lewis is Chairman of the Dental Age Estimation


There are many initiatives afoot this year for the ABFO. Including, significant changes to the
format of the workshops, the evolution and charge to the Bitemark Proficiency Examination
Development Committee in concert with ORA to develop a proficiency examination, efforts
to have forensic odontology represented as a Subcommittee of a Strategic Area Committee
(SAC), under the NIST OSAC, revision of the bitemark flowchart, initiation of the ABFO
online store for clothing, hats, cups, etc. and investigating ABFO accreditation through
ISO/IEC/17024 compliancy.


As always, the Executive Committee and Board of Directors serves you, the Diplomates.
Let’s keep the lines of communication open to enhance the ABFO experience through our
combined efforts, and make this a productive and successful year. My intent is to update
this web page on a quarterly basis as Dr. Golden started last year and provide ongoing
information on current events happening within our organization as they occur.




Peter Loomis, DDS
President, ABFO

The American Board of Forensic Odontology, Inc.
c/o The Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc.

410 North 21st Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A. 80904-2798
Telephone: (719) 636-1100